New education partnership to focus on onsite training for housing facility for women

Broadcast on WLOS, July 23, 2022

There is a new opportunity for women in the community. Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry (ABCCM) and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College recently announced an education partnership at Transformation Village, a transitional housing facility for women.

Essentially, A-B Tech will provide onsite training opportunities for the women who live in the facility, offering a number of classes beginning this Fall

“This partnership can serve as a model to other communities who are seeking ways to help women,” said Rev. Jim Brewer, ABCCM Altruism Officer. “With so many employers looking for people to work, it makes great sense that ABCCM and A-B Tech partner to bring continuing education skills together to the community. “We are both committed to offering short-term courses – usually 4 to 12 weeks – where adults can get a certification in health care, internet technology, construction trade skills or micro-enterprise, and immediately see their hourly rate increase by $2 an hour or more. ABCCM and A-B Tech are transforming workers to fill the skilled needs of employers for tomorrow.”

The programs are open to all residents at Transformation Village, ABCCM’s new intentional transitional housing facility for single women, mothers with children, and female veterans.

Officials say having an A-B Tech location on-site will provide greater flexibility to those who want to pursue certification or certain career paths.

“A-B Tech is honored to partner with ABCCM at their new Transformation Village,” said Deborah Wright, Vice President of Continuing Education and Economic & Workforce Development. “As their educational partner, we are proud to join them by providing onsite training opportunities for the women residents and others in the community.”

According to a 2019 study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, women with a certification or license can earn between $8,000 and $13,000 more annually than women who are not credentialed.

Both A-B Tech and ABCCM leaders call this a win-win situation for everyone.

"ABCCM is a tremendous community partner that really focuses on serving our vulnerable population and helping them get into a life sustaining career. A-B Tech on our end partners with ABCCM to help make it easier to reach that population," said A-B Tech Director of Workforce Programs Maria Spadaro.

Transformation Village currently provides up to 100 beds of transitional housing in stage one. About 200 more are planned for additional stages of construction. “Our goal is transforming lives through four developmental phases, called Steps to Success,” Rev. Brewer said. These include Stabilization, with all basic necessities provided; Life Skills Training, with more than 60 volunteer courses to choose, including Bible studies; Education and Professional Training Certifications to open the doors to living wage jobs; and Reintegration, which leads to permanent housing. “It is our honor to report that eight out of ten residents leave us with a living wage job and permanent housing.”

Here’s a list of A-B Tech classes being offered at Transformation Village starting this fall with staggered start dates August through November:

  • Computer Skills for Job Seekers
  • Computer Skills for the Workplace
  • Google Application Basics: Job Searching and Employment Skills Using Google Applications
  • Resumé and Interviewing Skills
  • Construction and Maintenance Programs
  • Horticulture Basics

Register for classes at

For more information, email, or call 828-398-7934.

To reach Transformation Village directly, contact Beverly Buckner at 828-398-6988, or send her an email at

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