A-B Tech to offer cyber forensics certification course in fall 2021

Broadcast on WLOS July 28, 2021

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and a local community college is training people on how to track down the hackers.

A-B Tech will begin offering its new cyber forensics certificate this fall.

With a spike in cyberattacks, these professions are growing in popularity.

“It’s a very high-demand, growing field. It’s expected to grow over 30% by 2029. There’s currently thousands of jobs in North Carolina — a lot of them you’ll see are in general IT, but they all have a security part to them," said Pete Kennedy, A-B Tech Computer Technologies Chair.

School officials say the program would also be great for law enforcement officials who would like to further their education.

For more information and directions on enrolling in the course, click here.

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