Transferring credits between UNC system schools just got easier

Broadcast on WLOS September 9, 2022

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Transferring credits between North Carolina's higher education systems just got easier.

Thursday, Sept. 8, the University of North Carolina launched what it calls the common numbering system.

It's a database that helps students, advisors and other school officials identify which credits transfer between community colleges and the UNC System Schools.

A-B Tech's vice president of Student Services said credits have been transferred since the '90s, but the new system improves the process.

“Definitely I think it's going to be very helpful to both the student but also the advisors that are working with that student to make sure that the course taken here at a much lower cost will transfer seamlessly into one of the 16 universities and as a result save them lots of money in doing so,” said A-B Tech VP of Student Services Dr. Terry Brasier.

The system was a collaborative effort that took two years to develop. 

The University of North Carolina System enrolls nearly 250,000 students at 17 institutions, including the state’s 16 public universities and the nation’s first public residential high school for academically gifted students. The UNC System is among the strongest and most diverse higher education systems in the country, with more than $1.8 billion in research expenditures and campuses that serve every region of the state.

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