Test Kitchen

Do you have an idea for a food, beverage, or natural product that is ready to move out of your home kitchen, but is not quite ready for large-scale production? Want to dial in parameters for contract manufacturing, explore an unfamiliar piece of kitchen equipment, or make a small trial run of your product? Do you have some knowledge of food safety principles or prior experience in a commercial kitchen or advanced manufacturing setting?

The Test Kitchen is a maker space for formulators, chef-scientists, and other epicurean experimenters. Our goal is to be a stepping-off point between your home kitchen and a production facility such as Blue Ridge Food Ventures, providing you the opportunity to use well-maintained commercial and non-traditional kitchen equipment at reasonable hourly rates. Our SOPs and face-to-face equipment familiarization will help you get started.

Visit the Kitchen Use & Equipment Rental page for current rates, and don’t forget to check out the FAQ. Contact asheville@ncbionetwork.org or call (828) 782-2328 for more information.