Test Kitchen FAQs

No, the Test Kitchen has no external inspections or registrations.

Yes! You’ll just need to first provide us with some basic information, including hazards specific to your process and ingredients, and complete the client intake procedures.

No, items made in the test kitchen are not able to be offered for retail sale. We welcome production of up to 100 units for research & development and trial purposes.

Testing equipment is available for rental in the Natural Products Lab. In some cases, our staff may be able to perform certain testing on a fee-for-service basis.

A brief equipment familiarization session may be scheduled with staff prior to your first appointment. We have SOPs and manuals available for use. Manufacturers often share electronic resources and how-to videos as well.

No, only one set of deposits is required. We may need some additional information about your product and process, and you will need to complete the kitchen-specific safety orientation.