Career Planning

In Career Planning, we focus on courses designed to help the unemployed and underemployed adults successfully enter the workforce with additional education and employability skills. These classes meet you where you are in life and take you where you want to be - confident, informed, and successful. Classes range from Job Search strategies, Computer Basics to Hospitality Skills.

Also, our Career Development Services department has some great resources for job seekers, including the Career Coach tools.

Those individuals enrolling in Human Resource Development (HRD) courses may be granted a waiver of registration fees if they meet one of the four criteria:

  1. Are unemployed
  2. Have received notification of pending layoff
  3. Are working and are eligible for a federal earned income tax credit
  4. Are working and earning wages at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty guidelines
  5. Check out our class schedule to get started.