Expectations for Students Receiving Accommodations

  • Following the initial meeting, a pdf of the accommodations letter will be emailed to both instructor/s, student, and Testing Center (if applicable) by Support Services. Students will still need to discuss the letter with the instructor.
  • Students are responsible for requesting the needed accommodation Prior to using it (i.e., before each test/quiz, let the instructor know you need extended time, a separate setting, etc.).
    • NOTE: Support Services does not supply accommodations for certification exams (i.e., NCLEX, GED, HiSET, etc.). You must request accommodations through the providers of those tests.
  • The student will notify Support Services if there are any changes to the schedule that require a new letter to be written.
  • To revise accommodations, make an appointment to meet with Support Services staff in person or via Zoom.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive. Students cannot expect instructors to redo previous assignments or tests with accommodations.
  • Curriculum students must request letters after they register for classes each semester to receive the necessary accommodations.
    Dept. of Transitional Studies students must request letters at least once per academic year to receive the necessary accommodations.
    Continuing Education students must request letters after they register for any classes to receive the necessary accommodations.
  • Policies/Protocols that apply have been reviewed:
    • Audio Recording
    • CART or ASL Interpreter
    • Equipment Agreement
    • Limited Attendance Adjustment (LAA)
    • Per Assignment Extension (PAE)
    • One-on-one Support Persons
    • Animals as an Accommodation

If you have questions, or concerns, or disagree with the outcome of this initial meeting please contact Heather Pack at heatherdpack@abtech.edu or Mindy Coleman at mindyjcoleman@abtech.edu.