Proctored Testing Guidelines

The following guidelines pertain to proctored testing requested by students registered with Support Services and listed on a letter of accommodation for alone testing and/or scribe/live reader needed.


It is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Communicate accommodation needs with the instructor and schedule in advance (at least 1-3 weeks) the testing times through the Support Services office. Support Services is not a regular testing site. Proctored exams with students needing to test alone happen in between our regularly scheduled business operations and/or the need for a scribe/live reader requires coordination of services and securing a testing site.
  2. All personal items must be removed and stored away. Only the tools needed as per your instructor will be allowed while testing.
  3. If a break to the bathroom is needed & allowed while testing, report to your proctoring staff, then go directly to and from the bathroom, reporting back to the proctoring staff when you return to testing for accurate time assessment for testing.
  4. Expect that your proctoring staff will be “eyes on” throughout testing time and will check in if needed.
  5. If the scribe/live reader and/or proctor is not present for the scheduled time, please text/call Support Services cell phone right away at (828) 337-3337 for Heather Pack.


It is the instructor’s responsibility to:

  1. Ensure testing materials, needed tools & instructions are provided to Support Services staff ahead of scheduled exam time (preferably at least 24 hours in advance).


The role of a scribe/live reader and/or proctor:

  1. Scribe/live reader and/or proctor need to fulfill the responsibilities of their role only and are not there to explain testing questions, tutor, or offer coaching.
  2. Although not a student, scribe/live reader and/or proctor must also follow the A-B Tech Code of Conduct & any faculty testing instructions fully.
  3. All testing materials are returned to the instructor following completion of testing. If scanned and emailed versions exist, all digital and/or copies are shredded and deleted appropriately.


For questions, concerns, or clarification of these guidelines or
the case-by-case resolution of conflicts, please contact Support Services.

Support Services at A-B Tech Community College
340 Victoria Rd., Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: (828) 398-7141
Fax: (828) 281-9886