Student Success Seminar

While Student Success Seminar primarily serves those students who are on Academic Warning, Academic Probation: Level 1, or Academic Probation: Level 2, any A-B Tech student can choose to take advantage of the Student Success Seminar. It's a great introduction to both College and community resources that you have available and may help you succeed during your time at A-B Tech.

Student Success Seminar is currently being offered online until further notice. We have provided a 35-minute recorded session that is easy to access and can be available for all A-B Tech students at your convenience. Please email our Student Advising & Success Coaching team directly at if you have questions or would like to connect with a Success Coach.

Verifying Completion: For those of you on Academic Warning, or Academic Probation Level I or II, please follow the instructions provided within the video to demonstrate completion.

Additionally, to receive the greatest benefit from the Student Success Seminar, once you have finished viewing the video, we recommend you complete the assignment below.

Write a paragraph or two discussing:

  • The challenges you are experiencing in being a student. Think about what may be getting in the way of your schoolwork.
  • Which characteristics of successful students do you have and in which areas might you want to improve?
  • Which of the strategies discussed might you use to support your success as a student?
  • Did you learn about any new resources that might be helpful?

(A paragraph is usually 3-5 sentences)

Email the completed assignment to using the subject line: SSS Assignment

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