Adult High School

The Adult High School program at A-B Tech has partnered with Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina since 2020 to provide an opportunity for individuals wanting to finish the remaining credits they started in their former high school(s) and obtain a high school diploma through online coursework. Goodwill provides a full-time Access Center Career Coach to provide ongoing mentorship and career planning.

Goodwill can connect students with programs that help pay for college. A-B Tech also works in partnership with local education agencies to support adult learners in their goal to graduate. We follow North Carolina's graduation requirements for high school students. Upon graduation, students will receive a diploma signed by both the A-B Tech president and the local education agency's superintendent and a transcript with a final grade point average (unweighted). The Adult High School program is 100% free.

To start the enrollment process in Adult High School, contact the Adult Secondary Education Coordinator, Karen Neal to set up an appointment by emailing


Important Enrollment Steps for Adult High School

  • Minor students who are under the age of 18 may not enroll at A-B Tech until a minor permission form is completed by their parent/guardian. The form must be signed and notarized to allow the minor to attend A-B Tech as an adult learner. The form must also include a withdrawal date and signature by the principal from their previous high school.

    Minor students who have withdrawn from a high school within the last 6 months in Buncombe County must have the superintendent's signature too. The minimum age to enroll is 16 years old. To pick up a minor permission form for Adult High School, parents/guardians must set up an appointment with Karen Neal by email at

  • Official transcripts are a state requirement for students to enroll in Adult High School. Depending on the student record, sometimes this process takes 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks to complete. Individuals who are interested in enrolling in Adult High School are responsible for ordering their official transcripts from all of their former high schools. Check the former high school's websites for specific directions on how to order official transcripts and have the transcripts sent to A-B Tech by one of the following three options:
    • Ask the former school to fax the official transcript to Karen Neal at the fax number (828) 281-9706
    • Have the former school mail the official transcript to:
      • A-B Tech
        Attention: Karen Neal, Transitional Studies
        207 Victoria Road
        Asheville, NC 28801
    • Pay extra to have the transcript emailed by a third-party vendor to Karen Neal at

For general inquiries about the difference between the Adult High School program and the High School Equivalency program, contact the Adult Secondary Education Specialist. Andrea Runnels by phone at (828) 398-7606 or by email at

For general inquiries about Goodwill's Access Center Adult High School, contact the Goodwill Access Center Career Coach, Michelle House by phone at (828) 337-8996 or by email at

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