How Usernames Are Created

Your username is constructed using your name as it is recorded on A-B Tech’s computer records. Refer to your registration form to see how your name has been recorded.

Your username is your first name followed by your middle initial followed by your last name. If the middle name or initial is missing then it will be first name followed by the last name.

There is a limit of 20 characters on the username so some of the last characters on a very long name may be missing from the username.

Spaces, hyphens, apostrophes, and suffixes are not included in the username.


  • Samuel Carson (middle name and initial missing):
    • samuelcarson
  • Mary Beth Valerie O’Neill (where Mary Beth is a double first name):
    • marybethvoneill
  • William Thomas O’Sullivan-Blankenship (hyphenated, apostrophe, longer than 20):
    • williamtosullivanbla


Possible Problems with Username

In rare cases, your first name, middle initial, and last name could exactly match the username for an existing online payment account. In this case, numbers may have been added to the end of your username to give you a unique username.

Your student online account and email are created within one (1) hour after your initial registration for Summer 2007 or any following term. Once you access and set up the accounts they will be available for use in the following terms.

If your name was misspelled during data entry then your username will also be misspelled.

If you have recently submitted a name change to Student Services, your username may be based on your previous name.

If you have trouble determining your username:

  1. Click “WebAdvisor Main Menu” link below to go to the login screen.
  2. Click the Main Menu tab.
  3. Select What’s My User ID?
  4. Enter your last name and either your student ID or your Social Security Number. Your student ID number is printed on your registration form under your name. You may use your Social Security Number here only if you allowed A-B Tech to record it on your record.
  5. Click Submit. Your username will be displayed on the screen.
  6. If you are now ready to log in, click the Login tab or you may click Main Menu to return to the main menu.

WebAdvisor Menu