Computer Lab Policies

IT Open Computer Lab Policies

  • Follow campus policies
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the lab. They must remain in your backpack or bag.
  • Academic work is given priority over all other usage of computer lab resources.
  • Children may not be in the lab.
  • The computer lab resources may not be used for commercial purposes. Absolutely no use of equipment to produce documents or materials for monetary profit is allowed.
  • No using inappropriate language – no vulgarities or abusive language.
  • Labs are a quiet study zone. Please go to the student lounge areas to visit or have conversations.
  • You may not receive or send telephone calls in the lab area or quiet study zones. You are responsible for turning off the sound of cell phones, tablets, and other personal devices upon entering the lab area.
  • Lab users are expected to exhibit proper housekeeping habits. Please leave the work area clean. Let the lab aide know when equipment is not operating properly.
  • Students are to supply their own storage media (USB drives) or save to the cloud. Bring only the storage media used in courses (homework files, data files for courses, etc.).
  • While downloading documents/files temporarily to work on for your course is allowed, downloading and saving non-school-related files/programs is not.
  • Students may not make any changes to computer configurations, install, or download software.
  • No installing any personal devices to the campus computers including keyboards, monitors, or other computers.
  • No illegal copying of software or software copyright abuses will be allowed. The college software policy will be enforced.
  • Using Lab Computers to view sexually explicit material or download music is prohibited. You will be asked to leave.
  • A-B Tech has the capability and reserves the right to observe and document your use of the college computers.
  • You may not violate any of the rules pertaining to the Code of Student Conduct, Code of Classroom Conduct, or Acceptable Use Policy. The President or his/her designee may create and/or amend these rules and list them each year in the A-B Tech Catalog.
  • Helpdesk Assistants have extensive computer training; however, they may not be able to assist you with your particular class assignment or software problems. Please be courteous to them. They will try to answer your questions accurately.
  • The lab hours may be modified without notice. When the College is closed for students because of inclement weather or instructor workdays, the labs will not be open. Any time a lab aide or staff member states the lab is closing, all participants will leave immediately. No exceptions.
  • The labs are open to assist you in your studies. Any violations of our policies may result in your loss of lab privileges or others’ loss of lab time because of software or hardware damages. Failure to follow the above policies may result in the revocation of all lab privileges, college disciplinary action (as specified in the Code of Student Conduct in the Student Handbook), and civil or criminal prosecution.