Clinical Massage Program

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For Students

With a total of 520 hours of instruction, A-B Tech's cost-effective Clinical Massage Program is a unique opportunity for those aspiring to enter a healthcare career. The Program is structured into three modules: Module I: Fundamentals of Theory & Practice I; Module II: Fundamentals of Theory & Practice II; Module III: Intensive Clinic/Lab.

All modules include in-person classes and will be conducted three days a week (M, T, W) from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Orientation for the program will be on September 5 - September 7 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

You must attend the orientation as part of the program. Module I will resume on January 16, 2024 - April 16, 2024. Module II begins on April 29, 2024 - July 10, 2024. Module III begins on July 22, 2024 - August 28, 2024.

All dates are subject to change due to circumstances or weather.

This program provides classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences consistent with the standards of practice established by the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy (NCBMBT). Students are evaluated in all the areas and must maintain 80% at all times during the three modules. Students will be expected to give and receive massages as part of the learning experiences. Interpersonal and social skills are also a must to properly address the needs of the client. The inability to fulfill these crucial components will result in not completing the program.

This course is designed to prepare students for the Massage Board Licensing Exam (MBLEx) which establishes eligibility to apply to the State Board for Licensure to practice in North Carolina as a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT).


Registration Information

If you are interested in registering for the Clinical Massage class, call the Health Occupations office at (828) 398-7878 and provide your phone number and email address. Your name and email address will be put on the Clinical Massage email list and our office will send you an email invitation to the next information session for a Clinical Massage class. It is required that students attend the Information Sessions. Due to the large volume of calls and emails from individuals interested in the Clinical Massage Program, it is necessary to implement an improved system for acceptance into the program. Evaluation of individuals’ documents along with interviews will be conducted to render the best candidates for this program.

Registration Requirements

All required documents must be presented before scheduling the interview. Interviews will be scheduled with the Coordinator of Clinical Massage. There will be no exceptions. Many of these items will be required for consideration to take the state exam. The NC Board of Massage and Bodywork requires a Criminal Background check and moral character references for candidates to test. Also, anyone with infractions or suspensions regarding student conduct will not be able to take the state board test. For more information go to Rules And Regulations Of The North Carolina Board Of Massage & Bodywork Therapy.

  • Must register in person after being notified by either phone or email of admission to the program.
  • Must submit proof of at least 18 years of age or older by an official U.S. government-issued, non-expired signature bearing photo identification. Examples include a driver's license, U.S. Military ID, or U.S. passport.
  • Copy of High School diploma, high school transcripts, or GED
  • A score of an 11th-grade reading level result or higher on the TABE Test. Call the Health Occupations Office (828) 398-7878 for an appointment to schedule a time to take this exam.
  • Submit (2) references from persons not related to you indicating "good moral character." (Request forms from the Health Occupations Office or you can download the request form at Massage Reference.)
  • Submit a physician's assessment stating that you are capable of being in an instructional program that is physically "rigorous and strenuous." (Request form from Health Occupations Office or you can download the request form at Physician Assessment.)
  • Copies of immunization records should include TDAP, MMR, Varicella, TB, Influenza, and COVID vaccines. (COVID Vaccine is not required but suggested) Copies of blood tests can also be used for this record.
  • Students who are accepted into the Clinical Massage Program are required to attend all hours of the Orientation for the class.
  • Interview with the Coordinator of the Clinical Massage Program. When you have gathered together all of the above documents and forms, you may call the Health Occupations Office (828) 398-7878 to schedule the required interview. If documents are incomplete you will not be considered for admission at this time.

Registration Fee and Other Expenses

  1. Registration Fee for Each Module: $217.00 (Registration fee includes: tuition, insurance, technology, and supply fee).
  2. Payment Options:
    • Students should bring in the exact amount if paying with cash
    • Write a check to A-B Tech for the exact amount
    • Bring written authorization for payment from your organizational sponsor or the employer who will pay for your class. Please note there are scholarships available to aid with these costs
    • Students may also pay with American Express, Master Card, or VISA
  3. Books: Approx. $400.00 (can order on the Internet or buy at A-B Tech Book Store)
  4. Uniform: Approx. $125.00 (Reed's Uniform Store)
  5. Holster with bottles: Approx. $35.00 (Massage Warehouse)
  6. 3 sets of twin sheets for lab practice Approx. $50
  7. You will be provided with an A-B Tech Photo ID badge. You must purchase a badge holder with a clip. You will have to pay for a replacement if you lose it.

Costs After the Course

  1. MBLEx Exam: $195.00
  2. Application Fee: $20.00
  3. Finger Print Card: $20.00
  4. NCLMBT state licensure: $190.00

Approximate Total: $1,800.00

If you have any questions regarding these registration procedures or have any further questions, please call the Health Occupations Office at (828) 398-7878.