Automotive Systems Technology Certificate II

The Automotive Systems Technology curriculum prepares individuals for employment as Automotive Service Technicians. It provides an introduction to automotive careers and increases student awareness of the challenges associated with this fast and ever-changing field. Classroom and lab experiences integrate technical and academic coursework. Upon completion of this curriculum, students should be prepared to take the ASE exam and be ready for full-time employment in dealerships and repair shops in the automotive service industry. It is recommended students complete the Automotive Systems Technology Certificate I before progressing to Certificate II coursework. Some courses in Certificate II require prerequisites met with coursework in Certificate I.


* Requires benchmark/placement testing
Course Prefix/NumCourse Title 
Core Courses
AUT-151Brake Systems3SHC
AUT-181Engine Performance I3SHC
TRN-145Advanced Transp Electronics3SHC
Total SHC for Core Courses:9SHC
Other Major Courses
AUT-151ABrake Systems Lab1SHC
AUT-281Advanced Engine Performance3SHC
Total SHC for Other Major Courses:4SHC
Total SHC for Program13 


Estimated Costs:

Consumable Supplies:$48 per semester
Tools/Instruments:$320 or more depending on the quality and source, please see your advisor for details