Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Diploma

The Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology program at A-B Tech prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain diesel engines in vehicles such as Heavy Duty Trucks over the one-ton classification, buses, ships, railroad locomotives, and equipment, such as well as stationary diesel engines in electrical generators and related equipment. With a completed diploma, students are prepared for employment in a variety of positions including Bus and Truck Mechanics with a median salary in North Carolina of $16.50 per hour (U.S. Department of Labor, 2015).


* Requires benchmark/placement testing
Course Prefix/Num Course Title  
General Education Courses (certificate General Education is optional)
ENG-110* Freshman Composition 3 SHC
PHY-121 Applied Physics I 4 SHC
Core Courses
HET-110 Diesel Engines 6 SHC
HET-119 Mechanical Transmissions 3 SHC
HET-125 Preventative Maintenance 2 SHC
TRN-110 Intro to Transport Technology 2 SHC
TRN-120 Basic Transp Electricity 5 SHC
TRN-120A Basic Transp Electricity Lab 1 SHC
Other Major Courses
HET-115 Electronic Engines 3 SHC
HET-231 Medium/Heavy Duty Brake Systems 2 SHC
HET-233 Suspension and Steering 4 SHC
HYD-112 Hydraulics Med/Heavy Duty 2 SHC
MEC-111 Machine Processes I 3 SHC
TRN-140 Transp Climate Control 2 SHC
WLD-112 Basic Welding Processes 2 SHC
Other Required Courses
ACA-115 Success and Study Skills 1 SHC
Total SHC for Program 45 SHC


Estimated Costs

Textbooks $330
Consumable Fees $40 - $90 per semester
Tools/Instruments $320 or more depending on quality and sources. Please see your advisor for details.