Steps for a New Hire


We are pleased you intend to join A-B Tech!

Before starting work at A-B Tech, several steps must be completed to ensure all legal requirements, accreditation standards, and college policies are completed. This site is to assist you through the steps.'


Step 1: Intent to Hire

The Supervisor will inform you of their interest in hiring you and inform you of any documents or unique steps which will need to be completed prior to your hire. The supervisor will inform the Human Resources department of their intention to hire you.


Step 2: Criminal Record Check

You will receive an email from requesting you to authorize a criminal record check. A-B Tech uses this third-party provider, Criminal Record (CRC). If you prefer to complete a paper version of the form, please contact the A-B Tech HR Department at or call (828) 398-7114. The CRC and the hiring process will not continue until you give this authorization. Please note additional screenings may be required depending on position.


Step 3: Notification to Complete New Hire Paperwork & Provide Transcript/Credential Documents

You will receive an email requesting you to complete your new hire paperwork and provide any pending transcript/credential documents on or before your first day of work. Review the email thoroughly – it will provide details regarding the required paperwork. The hiring process will not continue until all paperwork and transcript/credential documents are received by HR.


Step 4: Contact your Supervisor

After steps 1, 2, and 3 are completed, contact your supervisor to confirm start date/time/place and to learn of any additional expectations prior to your start date.

We look forward to having you join the A-B Tech family!