Selective and Limited Programs

To schedule an appointment with a Pre-Allied Health/AGE advisor visit the AGE Advising Appointments page.

FALL 2021 Limited Programs

Admission requirements for the Limited programs are below. Please make an appointment with an advisor at the AGE Advising Appointments page.

Business and Hospitality

Allied Health


Fall 2021 Selective Allied Health Program Admission Reopens


Students who are interested in applying for one of the Selective Allied Health programs below must:

  1. Carefully review your program's criterion below. If you have any questions regarding eligibility prior to applying, please make an appointment with an advisor at the AGE Advising Appointments page. (Additional information about Pre-Limited/ Pre-Selective programs can be viewed in the Pre-Limited/Pre-Selective Information Session at the bottom of this page.)


    Application Criteria


  2. Complete or attend the program information session for the program you are applying for. This is required prior to meeting with an advisor and applying.
    Required Program Information Session Schedule

  3. All students interested in applying or advising for Selective or Limited Programs should schedule an appointment through the new AGE Advising Appointments page.

WNC RIBN is a collaborative program offered by A-B Tech and Western Carolina University. For more information about WNC RIBN, refer to our Nursing webpage or contact the RIBN advisor, Deborah Swider at


Additional Program Information

To learn more about these programs, degrees, and other career choices, click the links below:

Pre-Limited/Pre-Selective Information Session

Once you finish watching the video, fill out the information survey.


Online Info Session Transcript

Interested in Applying to a Selective Program – Start Here to Learn More


Phlebotomy Admission Overview

Students interested in applying to the Phlebotomy program must watch the Phlebotomy Admission Overview video and complete the assessment.