Patrol Division

Primary Service

Emergency First Response

A-B Tech Police & Security officers are at the forefront in first response on campus to criminal activity, suspicious behavior, medical crisis, fire alarms, and other critical situations.

Routine/Directed Patrols

Uniformed officers patrol the campus 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Officers may be walking on foot, in a patrol vehicle, or on a bicycle (Seasonal). Directed patrols are assigned in the event of crime or suspicious activity/behavior is reported. To report a crime or suspicious activity/behavior please call (828) 398-7654

Parking Enforcement

To promote safety to our motorist and personnel, officers may issue parking tickets to improperly parked vehicles within strict compliance according to A-B Tech Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Criminal Investigations

Officers will respond to crime scenes and conduct follow-up investigations. This includes all aspects of a thorough investigation, including but not limited to conducting interviews, collecting evidence, constructing reports, gathering testimony, and collaborating with other law enforcement agencies and the local District Attorney.

Vehicle Accident & Traffic Enforcement

Officers respond to scenes when a motor vehicle has been involved in an accident on college property and complete all reports when warranted. Traffic is closely monitored by officers and all traffic laws are enforced pursuant to making vehicle stops, when appropriate.

Community Policing

Our goal is to provide a peaceful and safe community for all of our students, staff, faculty, and guest. We encourage our officers to interact with community members to gather information and answer questions, concerns, or learn about any activity that may be suspicious or out of the norm.

Secondary Non-Emergency Services

Event Parking Signs

A-B Tech Police coordinates the programming and placement of the electronic event signs which displays the name and location of each event. These signs are placed in highly visible locations. To request a sign for your next event, contact the event coordinator at p;

Battery & Key Extractions

As a courtesy service officers provide dead battery jump-starts and vehicle key Extractions to all patrons of A-B Tech at the Asheville main campus and A-B Tech Enka. To request these services please call the Communications Center.

Building unlocks

A-B Tech Police will unlock and/or secure buildings, classrooms, and other locations on campus upon request and with verification of proper credentials. Faculty or staff must provide ID before gaining access to buildings after hours or when providing unlocks for offices.

Event Security Detail

A-B Tech Police provides extra security services to be present during events and conferences upon request and availability. To request a security detail for your next event, contact the Events Coordinator Kevin Mills at


Students, faculty, and staff may request a safety escort whenever they feel unsafe on campus. An officer will respond and escort the person to the requested destination. We encourage community members to call especially if they are parked in remote locations, it is dark, or there is no one else around.