Traffic and Parking Regulations

The purpose of these regulations and the intent of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is to provide for the orderly movement and parking of vehicles on the campus. In addition to the rules and regulations listed here, all traffic laws of the City of Asheville and the State of North Carolina are in full force and in effect at all times on campus.

Registration of Vehicles

  1. All motor vehicles operated on campus must be registered with the College. For the purpose of vehicle registration, groups are specifically described as follows:
    1. Curriculum Students
    2. Faculty and Staff
    3. Continuing Education Students (if Con. Ed. class is scheduled for more than two weeks.)
  2. All individuals, as described above, will receive vehicle parking permits at no charge. Permits are applicable for the school year.
  3. All permits must be displayed on the left rear back window of each registered vehicle.
  4. Student parking spaces on campus are limited; therefore, vehicle registration and the issuance of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. It does permit parking in designated areas.
  5. Parking permits issued for a specific vehicle are not transferable. If the vehicle is sold, the permit should be destroyed.
  6. Student employees (work-study, peer tutors, etc.) will be issued a student permit and must park in spaces designated for students. Exceptions must be approved only by the Chief of Police.

Request a Parking Decal

Parking Regulations

  1. White-lined areas are for student, special group, and visitor vehicles.
  2. Yellow-lined spaces are for faculty/staff. Other areas are designated by signs.
  3. Overnight parking is not permitted on the campus except by prior approval of the Chief of Police.
  4. Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles (blocking roadways, fire lanes, etc.) will be towed away at the owners expense.
  5. Handicapped spaces are provided by the College for all persons who are disabled and display the state approved handicapped placard on the rear view mirror or license plate.
  6. High school dual-enrolled students may only park in student spaces during the times of their A-B Tech classes.

Parking and Traffic Violations

  1. Failure to register vehicle
  2. Failure to display parking permit in proper location
  3. Parking across or straddle of parking lines
  4. Parking in “No Parking” areas
  5. Parking on grass, walkways, or ground areas
  6. Obstructing a drive or walkway, fire hydrants, fire lane or other vehicles
  7. Double parking
  8. Speeding (over 15 mph) or any other state or local law
  9. Parking without authorization in spaces designated handicapped
  10. Failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian in a marked cross walk
  11. Violations of state laws


  1. All campus parking violations are $15 per ticket. Multiple violations may result in suspension of the parking permit and disciplinary action.
  2. Persons operating vehicles who have had permits suspended will have their vehicle towed if additional violations occur.
  3. Unpaid fines shall result in the inability of students to register for subsequent semesters and the non-issuance of transcripts.

Appeal of Parking Violations

  1. Appeals must be made within 48 hours to the Chief of Police.
  2. Select the link below for an appeal form, or pick one up at Student Services in the Bailey Building or Police Department in the Conference Building.

Parking Appeal Form

How to Pay for Parking Fines

There are three easy ways to pay for parking fines:

  1. Pay online at using Self-Service (using your A-B Tech username and password). Please allow one week after receiving the ticket for it to be charged on to your account.
  2. Pay in the Cashier's office, located in the Roberson Building at 93 Victoria Road. Please bring the ticket with you when you come.
  3. Mail the ticket, along with your check, to A-B Tech, 340 Victoria Road, Asheville, NC 28801.

Handicap Placard Request

To apply for a Temporary Handicap Placard, please select the link below.

Application for Temporary Handicap Placard