Medical Laboratory Technology Selective Admissions

Medical Laboratory Technology Program Information and Information Session


Medical Laboratory Technology Fall 2024 Application Criteria

Application Period: February 5, 2024, to March 15, 2024

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Laboratory Technology program at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. Please read this information thoroughly. We want to make sure you have the best possible chance of being selected by completing all processes and submitting all necessary application documents completely, correctly, and by the deadline. Please email if you have questions regarding enrolling at A-B Tech or email if you have questions about applying for the Medical Laboratory Technology program.

You must be a high school graduate or have an Adult High School or High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma to be eligible to enter any allied health program and have self-certified this requirement on your A-B Tech College application.

The Application Period

A-B Tech will begin taking applications on February 5, 2024, for the Medical Laboratory Technology class that begins Fall 2024. All deadlines and requirements in this document must be met to be eligible to apply.

Please note: Alternates may be accepted after the application deadline of March 15, 2024, if deemed necessary to fill the class. Notification of this will be posted on the Selective and Limited Programs Application Period Information page after the application deadline.

Program Information Session Requirement

Prior to application to the Med Lab program, applicants must attend or complete a mandatory information session provided by the department and obtain a signed Information Session Verification form. Details for the information session will be posted at the top of this webpage approaching the application period. Applicants must submit the completed verification form to the Student Advisor when they apply to the program.

Online Option

A-B Tech will be accepting a class of distance learning students for the Fall 2024 Med Lab program in addition to a class of in-person students. Distance learning students are required to be employed by a hospital or medical laboratory that will host their labs and provide lab assistance. An agreement between the hospital and the college will be required prior to full acceptance to the Online Med Lab program. Details will be provided by the department. You must speak with Jennifer Picher, department chair before you apply for this option to ensure you meet all the requirements. She can be reached at

Chemistry Required

In order to apply for the Medical Laboratory Technology program, you must have successfully completed high school or college chemistry with a “C” or higher. Applicants who did not take this course in high school may take the equivalent course at A-B Tech or another regionally accredited college. The equivalent A-B Tech course is any course with a CHM prefix. Documentation of chemistry must be submitted to the Student Advisor when you meet to apply to the program prior to the March 15, 2024 deadline.

How To Apply

  1. Attend a mandatory Information Session provided by the Med Lab department prior to application to the allied health program. Information Session details will be posted at the top of this webpage.
  2. If you are interested in the online/distance program, please reach out to Jennifer Picher, Chair of the MLT program at before applying. She will approve whether you meet the qualifications online.
  3. Complete and submit the standard A-B Tech Application. (This is not an application to a Selective Program. The application to the Associate Degree Nursing program will be done separately after you meet with a Student Advisor and are approved as eligible to apply.)
  4. Applicants must certify on their College application that they are a high school graduate from a valid institution, an adult high school graduate from a valid institution, or have a valid HSE diploma. High school graduation or the equivalent from a regionally accredited, valid institution is generally required for Financial Aid purposes. You must have this high school equivalency by the first day of classes for the Fall 2024 term to enter the selective allied health programs. All Medical Laboratory Technology program applicants will be required to submit an official high school transcript (or proof of equivalency) to the department upon admission.
  5. Applicants must complete New Student Orientation prior to meeting with a Student Advisor to complete the Verification/Selection Form. Waivers may apply.
  6. Eligible applicants must document college readiness in English and Math. Visit Placement Overview for detailed information or contact the Student Advisor to learn about the acceptable options. Documentation of college placement must be completed or on file by March 15, 2024.
  7. Once you meet the minimum requirements to apply to the program, you will be given instructions to schedule the ATI TEAS Exam by the Student Advisor You must complete this step and the Verification/Selection form by March 15, 2024. You must schedule and take the ATI TEAS Exam by March 26, 2024, to be considered an applicant.

Important Application Information

To be eligible for admission to the Fall 2024 class, all qualified Medical Laboratory Technology applicants will be required to take the ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam. The ATI TEAS exam may only be completed at a location within the United States of America per ATI guidelines.

The ATI TEAS exam will be paid for by the student at the time of online registration on the ATI website. Information on the ATI TEAS exam and associated costs can be found at ATI Testing. Applicants should not schedule the ATI TEAS until after meeting with a Student Advisor and approved as eligible to apply.

You may use your TEAS composite score from a previous test session if the score is 5 years old or newer. Students may use scores already on file with the college if they are 5 years old or newer. Individuals may submit a TEAS score in lieu of testing during the application period. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up to ensure scores are received.

Applicants may select only one of the following at the time of completion of the Verification/Selection Form:

  1. Testing during the application period at the Testing Center at the A-B Tech Asheville Campus on Victoria Road in Asheville, NC.
  2. Testing at an approved testing facility in another location.
  3. Use an existing score already on file at the College provided the score is 5 years old or newer.
  4. Submit only one score report from a testing session that occurred prior to the application period at another testing facility. If multiple test scores are received on a single report (regardless of the reason for or source of the error), the earliest composite score will be used.

Please Note: Test scores will not be accepted and applicants may not schedule the ATI TEAS exam until after the applicant has completed the Verification/Selection Form with a Student Advisor.

If an applicant does not follow through and take the ATI TEAS exam, they are disqualified from moving forward in the admission process.

Applicants in need of testing accommodations should contact Support Services at at least three weeks prior to testing.

Important: Students who submit TEAS exam scores must ensure scores are received by 5:00 p.m. on March 26, 2024. It is the applicant’s responsibility to email the Testing Center at to confirm scores were received prior to the testing deadline of March 26, 2024.

Admission To The Program Once Minimum Requirements Have Been Met

  1. Applicants will be ranked based on the total points awarded. See the point system in the section below.
  2. Applicants applying for the Online Med Lab class option must meet with the department to finalize the agreement between their employer and the college relating to lab space and lab assistance. This agreement must be in place prior to full acceptance into the Med Lab program.
  3. After acceptance into the program, all new students must attend the program orientation session held by the department. Program orientation details will be provided by the department after acceptance to the program.

Please Note: Failure to attend the program orientation session will result in the loss of a seat in the class.

How The Point System Works

  1. You will receive the points for your composite score on the ATI TEAS exam.
  2. You will receive 30 points for the successful completion of an accredited, college credit, allied health program degree (AAS, BA, BS, or Masters) and 20 points for the completion of any accredited, college credit, diploma-level allied health program. Points will be awarded for allied health disciplines on the pre-approved list from the Dean of Allied Health. Accreditation must be granted by an accrediting board recognized by A-B Tech.
  3. You will receive 30 points for Certified Phlebotomist or Nurse Aid I (NAI) certification. Documentation required.
  4. You will receive points for the successful completion of the following college courses (or acceptable substitutes): BIO-163 and CHM-130. A grade of “A”= 30 points, a grade of “B”=15 points, and a grade of “C”= 5 points.
  5. Currently enrolled high school seniors who have successfully completed Health Science I will receive points. A grade of “A”= 30 points, a grade of “B”=15 points, and a grade of “C”= 5 points. An official high school transcript detailing this must be submitted to the Admissions Office by March 15, 2024.

The summation of points outlined above will be used to rank applicants within the allied health program.

Important: It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all documentation and follow up as necessary to ensure it has been received. All documentation for points outside of the ATI TEAS Exam must be submitted by March 15, 2024. Applicants must take the TEAS exam and/or submit scores by 5:00 p.m. on March 26, 2024.

Notice to non-U.S. Citizens

A-B Tech welcomes non-citizens with work authorization through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to our Selective Allied Health programs. Clinical site eligibility is determined by the sites and can be impacted by immigration status. Non-citizens should discuss their non-citizenship status with their Selective program advisor as soon as they are accepted so that accommodations can be made for non-citizens.

As stated above, non-citizens who are eligible for the Selective programs may not be eligible for certain clinical sites. Successful completion of clinical rotations is required for program completion. If a student drops the program after being denied clinical site privileges, the college refund policy will apply. Non-citizens are encouraged to contact the appropriate licensing/certifying agency to determine if they are eligible for licensure /certification upon graduation – decisions regarding licensure/certification are solely the responsibility of the licensing/certifying agency.

Questions regarding program admission for non-citizens may be made to

Other Important Information

Any Allied Health student deemed to have violated the College Student Code of Conduct may not be eligible for application or re-admission to Allied Health programs.

Criminal background checks and drug screenings will be required by clinical sites for students entering the selective allied health programs. These screenings will be conducted at the student’s expense by a professional and independent vendor. Failure to achieve acceptable standards for these screenings may result in denial of clinical privileges. Successful completion of clinical is required for program completion. The college refund policy applies if a student drops the program after being denied clinical site privileges.

Applicants should be aware that North Carolina State or National Boards may deny licensure or certification to individuals “convicted of a felony or any other crime involving moral turpitude.” Questions regarding this issue should be directed to the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (800) 267-2727.

Applicants for Selective Allied Health Programs must demonstrate the ability, with or without reasonable accommodations, to meet certain technical standards critical to the successful completion of the program. These standards include skills and abilities essential for such things as the operation of equipment; evaluation and manipulation of patients; evaluation of microscopic components and color reactions; and communication with patients, families, and other medical personnel. For an explanation of specific physical and cognitive requirements for the Med Lab program, refer to the “Program Technical Standards” on the A-B Tech website. For further clarification, contact the Medical Laboratory Technology Department Chair at (828) 398-7266.

If you are not selected for the Med Lab program beginning Fall 2023 and wish to apply for the Fall 2024 class, you must re-apply during the next application period.

All documents that you submit with your application for the Medical Laboratory Technology program must be true, correct, and complete. Falsification of documentation may result in denial of admission or dismissal after admission.

Admission criteria are reviewed each year and are subject to change from year to year.

Allied Health students will be required to complete clinical rotations which may require them to travel more than one hour from campus. Clinical rotations may be conducted during weekend and/or evening hours. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

Please note: To ensure success and financial investment in the program, students are strongly encouraged to complete general education coursework prior to beginning the program in the fall. See a Student Advisor in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services building for assistance or email

Selective Allied Health Readmission Policy

The following readmission policy applies to students who receive an unsuccessful grade in a selective allied health program, or who voluntarily withdraw from such a program. Unsuccessful grades are defined as “D” or “F”.

  1. If you receive an unsuccessful grade in a selective allied health program, you may not proceed to any subsequent course, which has the course in question as a prerequisite. You must repeat the course in question before proceeding to the next higher course in the program.
  2. Most allied health courses are offered only once annually.
  3. It will be necessary for students who have received an unsuccessful grade in a major course during their first semester to reapply for regular admission to the program during the next application period.
  4. Students who do not successfully complete a subsequent semester may seek approval from the department chairperson to ask special permission from the division dean to be directly re-admitted to the program (without participation in the selective admission process) for the next class start or academic year. Requests will be taken and considered on an individual basis.

We appreciate your interest in A-B Tech and the Medical Laboratory program.


Student Preparation And Testing Resources Available

College Placement

Test resources are available from:

SAT or ACT study guides, which are available at various libraries and bookstores, are also good resources for testing preparation.


Test resources and online registration and payment are available at the following website:

Study guides are available for review in the Locke Library, the A-B Tech Madison, and the Goodwill sites. Study guides may also be purchased online from the test vendor ATI at the online store link or at the A-B Tech bookstore. Online practice assessments are also available on the vendor's website.

TEAS prep courses can be taken at A-B Tech through Continuing Education. For available courses, visit Continuing Education Online Registration.

Additional Preparation Resources

  • March2Success provides free personal assessments and preparation tools for the college placement test and the ATI TEAS exam.

For career assessments and exploration, visit Focus 2. Email or call (828) 398-7581 for an individual appointment.

Updated February 9, 2024