Paramedic Certification - A-B Tech Woodfin

A-B Tech Woodfin, Room 138

24 Canoe Lane

Call (828) 398-7900

EMS - 4400 - 107 ES - Didactic and Labs

EMS - 4400 - 108 - Clinicals and Capstone

Didactic Hours Jan 8, 2024, through May 6, 2025

Students must enroll in both sections to be successfully enrolled in a course.



Texts and Required Equipment

These items should be purchased prior to the start of class. All items are available at the A-B Tech Woodfin

  • Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets 9th Edition - Contact A-B Tech bookstore for the current price
  • Pocket Face Mask with One-Way Valve


Registration Fee

  • $180.00 tuition fee for non-exempt personnel plus
  • $260.00 supply fee/Platinum Testing for non-exempt and exempt personnel


Other Costs Associated With Class

  • $10 CPR card
  • $100 Uniform Shirt and EMS Tactical Pants (Approximate Cost)

***All prices are current but are subject to change.


Pre-Registration Required

  • Completion of College-level English and Math or successful Gold Level ACT Work Keys can be substituted for Math.
  • For registration issues, call (828) 398-7902 or
  • Biology 163 or an approved biology substitute is a required corequisite.

For more information, contact:


Other Requirements

  • Mandatory attendance is required on the first day of class for orientation
  • Current, valid Driver’s License
  • Current NC EMT-B certification


Financial Assistance

For any assistance with applying for grant funding please contact:

Catherine Redwine — Career Navigator, Asheville NC Works