Pathways Project for the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees

In the Fall of 2016, the Division of Arts & Sciences launched the Pathways Project. Based on research by the American Association of Community Colleges, the Teachers College at Columbia University, and by the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement, the Pathways Project is designed to eliminate guesswork by listing specific courses that will prepare students for their chosen major at area universities. Our goal is help students save time by earning their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in two to three years. By completing the degree quickly, students will save money and use less of their financial aid.

Students will be assigned to one of six common first semesters that includes ACA 122 College Transfer Success, ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry, and the Math course that is appropriate for your discipline. You will also take courses related to your area of interest.  In ACA 122 College Transfer Success, you will be asked to commit to a Pathway that will determine what courses you will take for the remainder of your time at A-B Tech. Developed by our faculty, the Pathways are based on requirements at regional universities; follow guidelines from the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement; and provide a well rounded General Education component. Currently, there are 39 pathways to choose from: