No Limits Radio Show

A-B Tech’s “No Limits” radio show was founded in 2013 in collaboration with WRES 100.7 radio, Asheville’s first African-American public radio station, and the Empowerment Resource Center. The show airs bi-weekly on Wednesdays and is rebroadcast twice a week. It also is videotaped and posted on the college’s Facebook page. Listen live on the new WRES website.

No Limits is hosted by Duane Adams, the associate director of A-B Tech’s Small Business Center, and Leronica Casey, scholarships coordinator for College Advancement. Both are Asheville natives.


Duane and Leronica smiling


Current No Limits Show

Leronica Casey and Duane Adams welcomed Teresa Tahu for a live broadcast. Teresa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works as a Career Counselor in Student Services. Teresa spoke about her background and shared her knowledge on the all-important topic of self-care.  Listen to find out what mechanisms A-B Tech has in place to help employees and students “reclaim” their own self-care. Also, find out what the fundamentals are for creating a genuine self-care plan.

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