Writing Center Services

The Writing Center offers five types of tutoring:


On Campus Tutoring

The Writing Center, located in Locke 125, welcomes students for appointments Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and during select evening hours (please view The Carolyn Lisa Johnson Writing Center for specific dates). Students may schedule 50-minute appointments up to twice a week, during which time they can work with a tutor to discuss their writing concerns and questions. Tutors will provide feedback and offer strategies for addressing students’ writing objectives. Drop-ins are welcome, though they cannot always be accommodated.

To make an appointment, visit our calendar at A-B Tech Writing Center, call us at (828) 398-7218, or drop by LOC-125 on the lower floor of the Don C. Locke Library. On the electronic calendar, select an open appointment, which is in white, and fill out the form that opens. Select "Create Appointment" at the bottom of the form to confirm your selection. If you would like a weekly standing appointment for the entire semester, please call or visit the Writing Center so an administrator can assist you with scheduling.

Navigate to the following links for step-by-step directions for registering for a Writing Center account and scheduling an appointment.


Video Chat Tutoring

Synchronous tutoring may also be conducted via video chat. Video chat tutoring is accessible from the Writing Center's calendar, using a device with an internet connection (e.g. a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) To make arrangements for a session via video chat, view the Writing Center's calendar and book an appointment with a tutor who has video chat availability, which will be labeled beneath tutors' names in the left-hand column. Navigate to the following link for step-by-step directions for scheduling a remote tutoring session.

On the day of your appointment, log in to the Writing Center's calendar, navigate to your appointment (which will be highlighted in yellow), and select "Start or join video chat session" about five minutes before the start of your appointment. Your tutor will join you shortly.


Online Submissions

Online submissions are available throughout the academic year. Through online submissions, students receive written feedback from a tutor within 24-48 hours of their listed appointment time. To place an online submission, log in to the Writing Center's calendar, and select the "Online Submissions" schedule. Select an open appointment (i.e. one of the white boxes) and then fill out the required information. Please be sure to attach both your assignment prompt and your current draft as a Word document so your tutor can provide feedback. You will receive a notification via email when your tutor has finished providing you with feedback. Additional directions for placing an online submission are available on How to Place an Online Submission.

Please note that tutors cannot edit or proofread your papers; rather, they can offer their feedback from a reader’s perspective to inform your revisions and note patterns of error in your writing. They may suggest revisions so that you can develop confidence in your own editing and proofreading skills over time.


Turnaround Times

Effective revision takes time – time to reflect on your work, plan your next draft and integrate the changes you want to make. For tutor feedback to be as helpful as possible, you need to plan your submissions so that you have enough time to receive feedback from a tutor, consider their suggestions, and make the adjustments you deem necessary. We recommend that you submit your draft for online tutoring at least 72 hours before your deadline. This will provide sufficient time for your tutor to draft feedback and for you to make thoughtful choices in revising your work.

Tutors are asked to limit online sessions to 50 minutes so they can serve as many students as possible. Identifying your main concerns or questions about your draft helps tutors provide focused feedback within that window of time.

Drafts submitted to the Writing Center within 48 hours of an assignment's deadline ARE NOT guaranteed to receive feedback prior to the due date. During busy periods, such as midterms and final exams, turnaround times may be extended, depending on demand. If this is the case, a banner will appear at the top of the Writing Center's website and online calendar so that students can plan their submissions accordingly.


RISE Sessions

RISE recommended sessions are available for students who need regular practice in writing fundamentals, such as grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and sentence/paragraph construction. For students who have received a grade of 69 or below on an assignment, instructors may send a RISE required form to the Writing Center to allow students to revise the paper with the intent of improving their grade while developing skills for future assignments. Both types of RISE sessions require an instructor referral. Instructors may download the RISE referral form below. Students who are referred for a RISE required session will be contacted via phone to discuss scheduling.

To schedule a RISE session, call the Writing Center at (828) 398-7218 or email writingcenter@abtech.edu.


Download the RISE Referral Form


Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is available to support students in becoming stronger learners. Students may wish to schedule an academic coaching session to discuss the following topics:

  • their preferred learning styles and modalities
  • effective study habits
  • critical reading strategies
  • organizational skills and time management

Academic Coaching sessions take place synchronously and may be scheduled via the Writing Center's online calendar or by calling the Writing Center at (828) 398-7218.