2020-25 Strategic Planning Process

In approving the 2020-25 strategic plan called RISE Above, our Board of Trustees affirmed the commitment to the College’s vision: “Changing Lives • Strengthening Communities.” The Strategic Planning Committee conducted in-depth analyses and drew upon a well of institutional knowledge to formulate recommendations in each of the seven task forces’ respective areas: Instruction, Engagement, Recruiting, Development, Educational Program Analysis, Advisement, and Community Partnerships. 

The Executive Leadership Team synthesized the findings and recommendations, reviewing and revising our mission, identifying our foundational focus areas, and setting strategic goals for our four main constituencies: our students, our employees, our partners, and our community.

Strategic Planning Links

Strategic Planning Committee


  • Anne Oxenreider: Executive Director, Research & Planning
  • Deborah Wright: Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development and Continuing Education 

Core Planning Team: 

  • Barbara C. Browning: Director, Professional Development 
  • Cris Harshman: Executive Director, Information Technology & Tech Services 
  • Ginger K. Keller-Ferguson: Director, Resource Development 

Task Force Facilitators 

  • Recruit: Lisa Bush, Director, Enrollment & Testing Services 
  • Engage: Melissa Valko, Executive Director, Business Services 
  • Advise: Steven Heulett: Director, Program Advising 
  • Develop: Patricia Hughes: Coordinator, Student Life 
  • Instruct: Stacy Workman: Associate Chair, Criminal Justice Technology 
  • Educational Program Analysis: Drake Thomas, Instructor, Security 
  • Strategic Partnerships: Gene Loflin, Associate Vice President, Instructional Services 


  • Duane Adams: Associate Director, Small Business Center 
  • Amanda K. Bryan: Coordinator, Annual & Legacy Gifts 
  • Malgorzata J Chockla: Instructor, Mathematics 
  • Candace S. Crump: Chair, Medical Assisting 
  • Valerie D. Daniels: Technician, Research 
  • Clinton Gorman: Dean, Emergency Services 
  • Jon Grunder: Associate Director, Financial Aid 
  • Susan J. Ikenberry: Analyst, Research & Planning 
  • Kevin B. Kimrey: Director, Economic & Workforce Development 
  • Erika L. Lett: Chair, Academic Inclusiveness & Equity Initiatives 
  • Daniel E. Mancuso: Dean, Engineering & Applied Technology 
  • Marty A. McNeely: Director, Basic Law Enforcement Training 
  • Laura Shears: ACA Instructor
  • Emily C. Smith: Director, Writing Center 
  • Kenna K. Sommer: Instructor, English Language Arts 
  • Shanna Thomas-Hough: Registrar 
  • Kara Walker: Police Chief
  • Josh Weaver: Manager, Branding & Print Shop 


Executive Leadership Team 

  • John Gossett: President 
  • Terry Brasier: Vice President, Student Services 
  • Shanna Chambers: Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development
  • Amanda Edwards: Executive Director, College Advancement
  • Kerri Glover: Executive Director, Community Relations & Marketing 
  • Anne Oxenreider: Executive Director, Research & Planning 
  • Carolyn Rice: Executive Administrative Assistant, President 
  • Beth Stewart: Vice President, Instructional Services 
  • Brian Willis: Vice President, Information & Technology and CIO 
  • Dirk Wilmoth: Vice President, Business & Finance and CFO
  • Deborah Wright: Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development and Con Ed