Career-Technical Pathways General Information

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Career-Technical Pathways General Information

The Career and College Promise Career-Technical (CTE) pathways are designed to give motivated high school students a jump start, developing career-focused skills by completing a certificate or diploma while still enrolled in high school.

A-B Tech currently offers 30 CTE pathways created to help you get a head start on a great career. Navigate through the links below to find out more about programs where you can earn college credits toward a job credential, certificate, or diploma in a technical career:

Some pathways required benchmark testing for the program and specific course completion. Get started on your career pathway today by filling out an application for admission to the Career and College Promise program and selecting your pathway or pathways of choice! You can participate in up to two Career Technical tracks at one time or you may enroll in a CTE pathway and a Transfer pathway.


Admissions Requirements

  • Be a high school Junior or Senior
  • Have an unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher

* Most CTE pathways do not require test score placement like the Transfer pathway, however, some do. Please contact us by email at or for more information or to set up an advising appointment.

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Additional Information:

Admissions Requirements for Career-Technical Pathways

To enroll in the Career and College Promise Career-Technical programs:

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a high school junior or senior
  • Have an unweighted GPA of 2.8 in high school courses or
  • Demonstrate college readiness on an assessment or placement test in English, reading, and mathematics. A student must meet or exceed benchmark scores on one of a number of assessment or placement tests (See the chart below). Scores from the different tests may be mixed meet the benchmark in each of the three areas. Students who don't have test scores with these benchmarks may take the RISE test offered at A-B Tech to also see if they qualify. Please contact us at to inquire about scheduling a RISE test at A-B Tech. Students may also take the RISE at another college. For more information about taking the RISE at another college, please contact Student Advising at


* Most CTE pathways do not require test score placement like the Transfer pathway, however, some do. Please contact our office at (828) 398-7900 or by email at if you have questions about whether assessment testing is a requirement for your pathway.
Test PSAT SAT Pre-ACT & ACT RISE Placement Advanced Placement
English 26 / 460 480 18 75 or higher on Tier 1 and Tier 2  
Reading     22    
Mathematics 24.5 / 510 530 22 75 or higher on Tier 1 and Tier 2 and Tier 3  
English, Language Comp         3 or higher
English, Lit, and Comp         3 or higher
Calculus AB         3 or higher
Calculus BC         3 or higher

To remain enrolled in the Career and College Promise Career-Technical program…

You must:

  • Continue to make progress towards your high school graduation requirements
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA in college coursework after completing two courses
  • A student who falls below a 2.0 GPA after completing two college courses will be subject to the College’s Standards for Academic Progress policy.

Other important information…

  • A student may only enroll in two career-technical pathways at a time, or one career-technical and one transfer pathway simultaneously.
  • Students may not substitute courses in one program for courses in another.
  • Between semesters, a student may change to another program of study with the written approval of the high school principal or designee and the College’s Chief Student Development Administrator.
  • Courses do not have to be taken in the order listed on the pathway curriculum list; however, some courses are sequential as noted in the college catalog.
  • Students are under no obligation to complete the entire program of study, but it is highly encouraged!

Please speak with your high school guidance counselor if you are unsure if you qualify for a career-technical program, or to register for college classes that fit with your high school schedule. If you are a Homeschool Student, please contact us at with questions.


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